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1st step to selling your property:

Schedule a Meeting with your Georgia Real Estate Leader Professional


It is time to have a Georgia Real Estate Leader Professional view your home. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of any features that may increase or decrease the value of your property. There is only so much that can be done using comparative properties, much of what a property can sell for comes from an agents market knowledge. Viewing your property will allow your Georgia Real Estate Leader to give you a fair market value for listing your home.

Finalize a Listing Price for your Home

You only get one chance for a first impression. This is also true when bringing a home to market. All homes when initially placed into MLS (Multiple Listing Service) are promoted as "new listing". All "new listing" typically get more traffic by other agents who are working with active buyers. It is imperative to list your home at a price that is both marketable and nets you the money necessary for you to finalize your sale. Listing it high and agreeing to lower the price later, if there is not any traffic, could jeopardize any "new listing" marketing benefits you may have.

Sign all the required Listing Paperwork

Now that you have an agreed upon listing price for your home and understand the net money you will receive from the sale your home, your Georgia Real Estate Leader will provide you with all the necessary listing documentation. One of the forms required is a "sellers disclosure" in which you will have a chance to disclose any issues you know about the house to potential buyers.

Prepare your Property for Showings

It is important to make your home available to "show" to interested buyers. It is imperative that the home is made available to show the same day the buyer requests the showing. Any delay in allowing a showing and you will risk the buyer looking and buying another similar property. Again first impressions are everything, so curb appeal is vitally important! It is also important to make sure you keep the home crisp, clean, freshly scented and free of clutter for all showings. Freshly painted, clean and less cluttered homes generally sell faster at a higher value. 

Review all Offers with your Georgia Real Estate Leader 

Now that your Georgia Real Estate Leader is actively marketing your property you can expect potential buyers to submit offers. Your Georgia Real Estate Leader will submit any and all offers for your consideration. It is important to review each offer with your Georgia Real Estate Leader so that they can explain all the details included. Some considerations you may encounter are cash offers vs. those with financing contingencies. Some offers may have a longer than normal inspection period. Your Georgia Real Estate Leader will take the time necessary to discuss each offer with you so that you understand any challenges or benefits to each.

Accept an offer; allow access for any buyer's inspections

Now that you have reviewed all offers and accepted the best one, you will now need to make your home available for the buyer to perform their inspections. All contracts will have an "inspection period" actually referred to as the due diligence period. Typical DD periods are 7-14 days. If the contract you accepted requires financing you will also need to make the home available for an appraiser to visit the home. They will take pictures and provide documentation to the bank who is lending on the property, as long as we have priced property correctly their appraisal should support the sales price.


Schedule your closing

Once all inspections are complete and any contractual contingencies are cleared we will be able to schedule your closing time. Your Georgia Real Estate Leader will join you at the closing table on the scheduled closing date. Together we will sign a few documents, collect your proceeds and celebrate your successful closing.

Thank you for considering Georgia Real Estate Leaders for the listing of your property!

Thank you for considering Georgia Real Estate Leaders for the listing of your property!

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